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mission drive within everything
Figure out this whole "self-motivation" thing.
avoiding responsibility, despairing of ever transcending ennui, yet also fearing death.
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HEY! THAT's not random!
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Help! I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed here, like so many others.
I've contributed to some wikis in the past, and I do in fact know HTML, but the organizational structure here seems rather intimidating. I'll do the best I can.

Where could I possibly begin? So many many things to write about. I haven't the discipline to maintain a diary, but I suppose noone cares about my life anyway. More importantly: events in my personal life motivate ideas and reflections on the nature of reality and the meaning of life and all that other philosophical nonsense. But what untold mass of those has accumulated... I wish I had joined years ago.
Should I describe some personal interests here? I should figure out what I ought to list, first. In any event this seems far nicer than doing a personal webpage from scratch, in the cold, unforgiving world of Geocities or Tripod or god forbid, my university-allotted webspace.

close the world, txen eht nepO.