Quite truly, one of the best music video games ever created. Originally debuted in arcades and then ported to Sega Dreamcast. Sega and developers Sonic Team seeked out to rival Konami's own Beatmania and various series of music games and highly succeeded, creating an instant classic. The idea of the game is to shake the marracas when blue balls hit colored circles (red, green and yellow). You can shake high, low or in a normal position, and also hold poses. You control a monkey named Amigo. Songs range from Ricky Martin to ChumbaWamba (there's even the Macarena). While the arcade version has the marracas, the Dreamcast version does include them with the game, and cost an additional 80 dollars. It's nearly impossible to play the game without the marracas, making them a very good investment. Third-party companies have released knock-offs for cheaper prices. You can also add songs to the Dreamcast version using the Dreamcast web browser and downloading. The Dreamcast game also includes various modes including a terrific party mode, challanges and mini-games for enjoyment. A sequel entitled Samba De Amigo Ver. 2000 is hitting Japan during December 2000 for Sega Dreamcast and will hit the United States console scene during the summer of 2001. A must-own for any game player.