A drive-by shooting is characterized by a number of elements. Ironically screaming is not often one of them. That comes later. Usually people are too much in shock and surprise and alarm to actually do any shouting until after it's already happened.

People will be walking by on the side of a street, minding their own business, and this car drives by. Inside the car are anywhere from one to six cowardly idiots who have nothing better to do with their lives than to test their ammunition on complete strangers. Sometimes this assault is premeditated, and the people driving by think they know at least one of those individuals they are about to gun down. If they actually had a shred of decency or humanity left, they'd get out of the car, face the individual up front, fight him good and clean and get their asses kicked. But no. They're little chicken shits. So they drive by and mow down a handful of people with firearms that they probably haven't even registered.

And here's a good point. Gun Control only stops law abiding citizens from carrying guns. This is not an opinion. It is a fact. People who break the law in other ways are not going to go "gee, maybe I should register my gun." Drive-by shootings usually happen in high crime districts, hence the name high crime district. If you find yourself the victim of a drive by shooting, chances are you will need to know that there are a few things to consider if you think someone might be dead.