The annoying orange orb outside my window each morning

I used to work nights. For years. Recently I've been switched to days, and I've been saying this ever since. What IS that orange thing in the sky? Don't you day people have the lightswitch somewhere? It's really annoying. Can't we at least dim it somehow? Who made that thing? Whose idea was it anyway? Sun

The writeup above, originally posted on or before November 13th, 1999, was a thing that got a reputation of 51 before being removed. This was the first node I posted to E2.

the following was added on Sunday August 23rd 2009

After a long hiatus from E2, I returned with way more private messages than I thought I'd ever see. One of them read as follows:

$ Tem42 says re November 13, 1999: Maybe this should go on your homenode? But it brings back good memories.

The fact this individual felt a need to inform me that perhaps this belongs on my homenode reminds me why I left E2 in the first place. I left this here for posterity, and that's why I still leave it here, but frankly I'm surprised the website still exists at all. While people were feverishly fighting over minutia in this domain, the rest of the Internet passed them by. A word of advice for your future: don't try to mold the user to fit your node goo. It works the other way around. Make the goo work for the user. Otherwise, people will just go somewhere else. kthxby