I'm probably gonna vote for Kerry out of an Anti-Bush attitude, but until last night's acceptance speech, I've been very disappointed. I'm still a little weary. I don't see how Kerry's got any more of a chance than Gore did four years before - and even with the gaining of the popular vote the republicans robbed the election anyway. There's nothing to say that won't happen again this November. There's even discussion of the odds or variables involved in the republicans successfully postponing the election indefinitely. The deck may already be stacked and all this arguing is academic: we'll probably end up with Bush no matter what. I'm quite chagrined.

However, Kerry wins over Bush in my heart and mind for the following three reasons:
  1. Bush has proven himself a failure as Commander In Chief. Kerry at least has military experience. Whether Bush ever served in the National Guard is irrelevant. He's spent no time in a foxhole, and has no place sending soldiers to their death for corporate interests. Kerry knows the risks and he understands the price paid when American blood is spilled. I would be more comfortable if Kerry said to me we HAVE to fight, because unlike Bush I know a man like Kerry would sincerely try all other options and would not just jump the gun. Shrub has proven to do the opposite, and must be removed from that level of power.
  2. Doesn't matter what Kerry's opinion of shock jocks may or may not be - we already know Bush's, and Powell's son should leave the FCC soon after Kerry takes over, one way or the other. Kerry hasn't taken a stand on the issue of inconsistently fining some broadcast personalities and not others. However, we KNOW Bush's administration is playing favoritism and putting a price tag on the first ammendment. We at least have a fifty fifty percent chance with Kerry - there's no convincing compassionate conservatives that four letter words are less dangerous than they imagine.
  3. Stem Cell Research. Bush is against it. Kerry is for it. In other areas of science versus theology, Bush sides with a conservative fundamental interpretation of what they perceive to be God's will. Kerry's much more open minded and willing to let scientists play God. I don't mind when doctors and physicists play God, because when they do, it usually saves lives.
It's a no brainer. On the above three points alone, Kerry's the only way to go.

Honestly, I'm surprised so many Texans are blowing this off by saying they wanna ride the same horse another four years. (I live in Texas, which is why this matters to me). That's just sheer laziness and ignorance. The choice still sucks, there's no doubt about it. Two guys who were born with silver spoons in their mouths. who would only shake my hand if I had a check for thousands of dollars in it. The lesser of two bastards. However, in years past it's felt like Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dummer. Kerry's not dumb. I don't even know if he's a Dee.

Because Texas is Bush's home state, it seems pointless for democrats and independents in the Lone Star State to even get outta bed on November second. One of the largest chunks of electoral votes in the country - Texas has gone republican since before Kennedy and there's no indication that's gonna change this time. Last election I voted for Nader because I knew Gore couldn't win this state, and I was hoping that even though Nader was/is a lunatic, if they'd gotten just five percent the Green Party could get an easier ride this time around. That didn't happen. I tried to make my vote count for something, but my voice can't be heard through the din of ignorance that is this apathetic, backwood, traditionally stupid state I'm trapped within.

Any Texans out there take that the wrong way? Good. Going with Bush is talking crazy. That's like saying you're just gonna keep your head in the oven cuz you're starting to like the smell of the gas. Wake up.

There is more to the man John Kerry. The republicans bitch that he voted for the war in Iraq. Hell, when that time came around even I was reluctantly for the sequel to the Gulf War. We were under the illusion that maybe there's WMD in there and Saddam needed to get out of there a decade before. We needed to finish what we started, but for a golfer, Shrub's follow through was so terrible, he knocked the ball in the sand trap AND the lake at the same time. Kerry went on faith along with the rest of us, and Bush led us down a path which has proven to be fruitless and covered in thorns and brambles. We need someone else to guide us out.

Kerry's greatest claim to fame isn't just that he's not Bush. However, ultimately I fear that IF he wins this election, that's the only reason why he will. History may remember John Kerry as The Man Who Was Not George, and history alone will judge whether or not that is a good thing.