Urgh!… I’m such a teenager! ……

Sorry, first things first …. Yeah, yeah, yeah! I know I haven’t daylogged for ages. I’m sure most of you guys/gals thought I’d left, but you can’t get rid of me that easily. I’ve been reading your stuff, but I haven’t gotten around to writing lately… I’ve had other projects! *Mischievous grin*

… sorry! where was I… oh yes! Urgh!… I’m such a teenager! ……

I’ve been reading through my previous entries, and instead of the witty, amusing, truthful, playful and sexy entries I thought I made, I found angsty, whiney, immature and self-righteous daylogs…. I say ‘Urgh’ once more! So where did it all go wrong? When did I become this typical teenage girl with emotional hang-ups and ‘love’ problems at my age? I guess it’s just something we do. I think everyone believes when they are a teenager, they are smart, intellectual and have meaningful things to say to other people. The fact that other people generally have much more experience with life doesn’t even enter your head, and in reality you are spitting out typical teenage clichés left, right and centre for others to laugh at! Well that’s what becoming an adult is all about (There’s a typical parent cliché for you to counteract all the teenage ones!).

It is very probable that this daylog in itself is a huge cliché. I guess some sort of psychoanalyst has even given it a silly developmental title like “Stage of realisation of one’s self’s teenage angsty nature” (I apologise in advance to all you grammar fanatics out there for that bad use of apostrophes!). Fine so I’m a teenager! I get irritated by small things, my hormones are giving me huge mood swings (I’m pretty sure that I’ve had one half way through writing this) I cry uncontrollably at small things, but the big things in life pass me by with no real emotional commitment on my behalf!
… and you know what! I like it! I like he ups and downs, I like feeling so depressed that I sometimes lock myself in my room for entire days listening to whatever melancholic music I can find. I embrace my moodiness and my angstyness because I know that someday I’ll look back and I want to think “Yeah! I was a moody teenager who wore long sleeved tops on even the hottest of summer days and in general dressed very inappropriatly”. I don’t want to think “Man! Did I spend my entire teenage years trying to be mature? Wow! Was I stupid or what?”

Ok, I’m done for today. I might actually give you people an update of what’s been happening at some point….
But not today… never today!