Before I start I’d just like to give you a quick warning!! If you don’t want to read about a teenage girl, and how her faith in who she believed to be a good person took a severe beating on Friday night, then I’d stop right here!

Alicia’s Party (Friday night)
I was looking forward to the party all week, Ryan was going to be there, and I was finally going to actually make some sort of move on him. I knew he liked me as a friend, he seemed like such a nice guy. Always thoughtful about how we were going to get home after going out in the evening and stuff like that. I know there is a saying that ‘nice guys finish last’ but I like nice guys, genuine guys who actually care and wouldn’t do anything to hurt a girl… That’s why I liked Ryan.
So we turn up to Alicia’s. It took me ages to decide what to wear. I finally went with a plain black hoilter-neck (Sorry If the spelling is wrong) top and my dark blue jeans… after all its only a house party I didn’t want to look overdressed. We arrived a little early to help Alicia move stuff out of the way and get some food ready, not much, just something to put on the table if people wanted it. I told Alicia that I was going to ask Ryan out this evening, she thought he’d say yes. Alicia is a good friend, always supportive! Some more people started to turn up and the party started! Everyone was having a good time; it was nice and relaxed. I was watching what I was drinking because I didn’t want Ryan to turn up and me make an absolute fool of myself. Anyway, after about an hour had gone by Ryan turned up. He just glided into the room as he always does on these sorts of occasions and smiles. There’s a big yell of ‘Hey Ryan’ from the room, at which he gives a quick wave, and disappears to the kitchen (presumably to get a drink). So I position myself strategically on the couch with a free seat next to me when he came back I called him over (The ‘classic’ “Hey there’s a space here!” line). He sits and we get talking, small stuff at first, but I’m not good at small talk and I realise that if I’m going to ask him out I should do it sooner rather than later otherwise I’ll back out. So I blurt out “Hey, would you like to go on a ummm… sort of date with me sometime?” back comes one of those famous smiles. “Sure, I’d love to, I always thought you were really sweet, but never thought you were interested”. Obviously I’m ecstatic, and for the next two hours all is well. Were just sat there on the couch chatting and chilling. At one point Alicia came in and smiled at me. If the night had finished there then everything would have been perfect!
But obviously it didn’t! He got up and said he had to go get a drink and I should wait there and “keep his seat warm”. So I was talking to the people around me, and hardly noticed until I looked at my watch that two hours had gone by since he’d left. I made my excuses to the group (we were having a discussion about if guys found stockings sexy or not) I goto the kitchen and he’s not there, I look in the front room, and he’s not there either. Some people had made their way up onto the upstairs landing so I start to push my way past people on the stairs. Just as I’m doing that I (almost literally) bump into Alicia. She looks at me, and I can see it in her eyes that something’s wrong. I asked her what it was, She starts to mumble something like “Its Ryan...umm… he’s upstairs… Lucy I wouldn’t go up there it’ll upset you, he’s not worth it…”. I pushed past her and into the bathroom (The only room that was unlocked), and there he was, ‘getting it on’ with some drunken bitch in the bathroom of all places. He turns round and just grins… but trust me this time it wasn’t a charming grim! Alicia was right, I shouldn’t have gone up there.

I spent the rest of the evening crying on the back step with people walking over me to get to and from the garden. Eventually everyone left. Alicia made me up a bed to stay the night, she’s a real good friend. We had the classic men are bastards conversation for a while then she went to bed. I didn’t really sleep at all. The next day I went home and sat in my room crying mostly. If he didn’t want to go out with me he could have just said! Why did he have to go through the act? Just to hurt me?… Sorry, I was trying to write this without getting emotional, but it hasn’t worked. Anyway that’s how my faith in nice guys was shattered.