If you were in England (especially in the South) over the last couple of days then you may have got a substantial covering of snowI love snow!! We all left college just after lunch yesterday to find that we were ankle deep in it. Obviously the first thing that happens in this situation is a single snowball gets thrown. Before it hits the ground it seems there are more in the air than you can count, and you’ve managed to get snow right down your back (no matter how tight the top you’re wearing is... trust me!). If I ever get too old for a snowball fight then I’m going to have someone kill me. The fight didn’t last long however... most hadn’t got thick coats and even fewer had gloves! Some of the guys had decided to try and build a snowman (It didn’t look as though it would ever fly however). It was an anatomically correct snowman however, I think they made particularly good use of the materials to hand (Especially the two small stones, and large stick). My hands were going numb, so we decided to meet up at the ‘Reccy’ and about an hour geared up for snow fun! I ran home, grabbed some gloves, a hat and a large tea tray! If you’ve never gone down a snowy hill on a tea tray, then I thoroughly suggest you try it! Hours later we finally went home some of us with bruises in the most awkward places (…and yes I speak from personal experience!). I slept pretty well last night with all the running around!
This morning it had all frozen to that crunchy and very icy snow. This is much less fun, someone tried to make a snowball, but when it hit someone they just got a nasty look. Most of us had trouble walking (it was slippery! No, not because of the bruises!). I guess it was just one of those one day things when you have forget what your plans are and seize the moment. The best snow we’ve had for years!

This evening is the party at Alicia’s! I’m still deciding what to wear. I hope Ryan turns up, not that that’s the only reason I’m going, but it would be a bonus! I’ll report back either tomorrow, or Sunday!!