Be Gentle

‘Be Gentle’ I had asked,,,,,

Her fingers moved with a spider like grace as she flew her edit through my words. Hacking, slashing like a broad sword, the artery of a Red ball point, spraying like aerosol color against the broken tail light of my write up.

It was always like this, intense, wondering what she would find next. Even from the first moment she saw my request she was already laughing inside. I would find no quarter in this battle of wits, no shelter from the storm of her wicked goddess like power to cut me up syllable by syllable.

I had made the request knowing it was futile. Knowing that all along that I was in fact asking for the opposite. Begging for the pain and the pushing, insisting that she shove me into the fire so that I might grow to be the phoenix. I had in fact, wanted the pain.

She passed through me like flames and I cried at the blissfully sweet agony. At the bloody remains of my perceived glory, knowing full well that she would cull my way to greatness. That she would be foundation upon which I would become truly beautiful. She saw all, or so she would have me believe. Heh, editors, tough crowd, neh?.

She had answered my question simply,,,,

Gentle Schmentle

For the Equestriana Contest