All People should dream this, and who knows, maybe all do. I just can't see how people live without a dream like this.

I am alone, sitting in the living room of a house that's not mine but of course, its home.
I look out the window and it's obviously night time, so I can't help but look at the stars
The beautiful stars shining in their wonderful light blue and white, and purple and deep
emerald green.

This is obviously not right my mind says, it is not correct, stars shine only in white and in yellow and the occasional light blue.

The moon is unusually bright tonight and if I continue with the courage to see, I can view
the most beautiful thing I have ever seen on the moon. There is this dark blue and purple
lightning. Not blue or purple but blue and purple ball lightning at the same moment and
I know that I must be going out of my mind, so I look away, back to the stars and what
greets me is disturbingly beautiful.

Again I must be going mad,I mean my god the stars don't move and even when they do, not in an arc, at least I think.

But, these stars do so, and without hesitation I might add. The rest of the sky goes black
accept for the moon and eight shining stars. They are moving in random arcs at first, then
they all meet what looks to be a few feet (from my vantage point) from the moon. Now they
move tearing across the sky towards the moon, and that's when the Miracle occurs.

They smash into the moon which spreads the blue and purple lightning all accoss the sky and when they get through the moon they explode through the other side making a horizontal prism, the only thing with the courage to smash through the lightning is my heart.

Perhaps I am wrong, there may be one other heart, someday