Today is the day I will tell her, I have known my feelings for weeks, but have been to afraid to tell her. Today I will finally let her know how I feel. It has been six months since we met, and now I walk up the stairs to her apartment. I count down the doors as I draw nearer to hers. 212, 211, 210, 209. I stand on her doorstep. apartment 208. I ring the bell, and she answers. I don't know how to say it, so I just blurt it out.

"I Love You"

She only looks at me. She answers,


I stand there dumbstruck. no words come to my lips, no thoughts come to my mind. Why do I love her? Is it her Eyes? Her Mind? Her Body? Soul? Heart? It is none of these.

"I Love You Because You Are You"

She steps back from the doorway and invites me in, it is the first time I have been in her apartment without sex.

It was the first time that we Made Love.