Satire V is a humor magazine at Harvard University specializing in satire, of course. Founded in 1998 by several undergraduates, Satire V is Veritas(Harvard's motto, Latin for "truth") spelled backward. True to their witty name, Satire V has focused on lampooning national and local news in the United States and Harvard University, billing themselves as "Harvard University's premier satire magazine and escort service". Satire V is published monthly, almost without fail.

Joining Satire V is as simple as submitting articles, although they limit their contributors to Harvard students. Each article goes through a complex selection process, ultimately coming down to whether or not it seems funny at four in the morning after two liters of Jolt Cola and five slices of Tommy's pizza.

Production of the magazine is undertaken by a select group of undergraduates, relying solely on their own taste in satire and artwork.

Archives of Satire V articles are available on their web site,