What’s the best way to express something? You could just write about it. Or you could craft an epic poem. You could sing your thoughts to others. But what about when the subject is pretty mundane – Geeky even?

See, I had soup for lunch. Minestrone. It was chockablock with macaroni noodles. It was OK. But the coolest thing happened while I ate. I can’t sing about it, since I’m awful and you’re on E2. If I wanted to express this geeky experience in poetry, what form should I use? What’s better, the Triolet, the Ballad or a Terza Rima?


I found a siphon in my soup,
and dodged to avoid the spills.
The broth did drain without my scoop.
I found a siphon in my soup.
The macaroni makes a loop.
Pressure drops and bowl refills.
I found a siphon in my soup,
and dodged to avoid the spills.


While I was slurping down my soup
I found a small surprise
The minestrone macaroni
Spilled broth before my eyes

One end of the noodle in the spoon
And one end hanging out
Pressure below and pressure above
And pasta like a spout

The broth pours down from spoon to bowl
I don’t want it on my shirt
At least the soup is not so hot
A spill would really hurt

Terza Rima:

On lunch as I sat -- reading the catbox,
while sipping minestrone from a spoon,
a strange phenomenon curled my socks.

I watched as it drained, but gone far too soon,
a siphon established there in my food.
Seeing the clock -- it was now just past noon.

With plenty of time to test if I’m shrewd,
I dipped the spoon in the soup once again.
The noodle spews broth -- a scene that’s quite lewd!

The pasta on broth acts just like a drain,
transferring content from soup-spoon to bowl.
Coworker to me: “you may be insane.”

Just eating the soup shows real self-control.
Pretending disinterest takes quite a toll.

I guess I’m voting for the ballad.