Note too, that Funagain started by acquiring used incomplete games, and cannibalizing them for parts to make whole games that could then be sold. They were a fantastic source of out of print games for quite a while. I understand that this part of their business has passed away since attaining their huge success as the premier game dealer on the web. But I will always be appreciative of their ability to put together a nice copy of Loopin' Louie for me when the game was pretty hard to find complete.

It's also nice to get the German imports promptly -- at a reasonable price and to get substantial discounts on the American games like Rio Grande's titles.

In recent news, famous game designer -- Alan R. Moon has joined Funagain as a partner. Alan worked at Avalon Hill back in the day, published a line of games under the name of White Wind, and received the Spiel Des Jahres for Elfenland in 1998.

Funagain has a good web presence, as well as a retail outlet in Ashland, Oregon. If you're looking for their web site, go to

Similar businesses include Boulder Games out of Georgia and Fine Games, also in Oregon.