I felt this terribly strange need to go to the discount store, and even had a premonition I'd meet NC there. We'd fallen out of touch, she didn't answer my last e-mail a zillion months ago, and I knew she's been having health problems.

Eerily enough, I found her there. She's dumped her loser boyfriend, her computer died and hasn't been replaced, she continues to have health issues, and she wants to have brunch on the weekend to talk about it.

She's a huge fan of John Lennon, which might explain the dream I had last night.

Lennon and Lou Costello are brothers. Costello's youngish, so I can only assume, in this reality, Bud and Lou were born and flourished later than in reality.

Time goes astray throughout. It's the 1970s, but the Genocide in Rwanda is already taking place. Despite his celebrated leanings, Lennon joins his older comedian brother, and both fight as part of the United Nations force, which has orders to make, not merely keep, the peace. The soldiers dress for First World War, and they're fighting in some expanded version of the park where I used to play as a child.

A Rwandan tries to explain the distinctions between Hutu and Tutsi.

Lennon goes missing.

Later, his brother, not Lou Costello, but one who resembles me, and his sister, a strange faerie woman with wings, walk down a familiar path and discuss what his greatest legacy will be: his songs, or his military heroism.