I have a confession: 
I have horrible taste in music 
I like music that's just as soulless as I am 
music that goes thump and overpowers with bass 
music that is made by fags in New York, 
London, and Berlin 
music that's cheesy and funny to listen to 
music that's so fast that only amphetamine freaks can dance to it 
music that sounds so Euro-trash that it only is aired by young DJ’s 
sweating it out in clubs 
over 2 technic turntables and a cheap mixer 
night after night 
going bezerk on reds, X, and acid 
or sitting in K-holes smoking J's and spinning ambient 

Like I said, I have bad taste in music 
I don't like anything on MTV 
I hate the stuff they play on radios 
I don't like biggie or puffy 
or boy bands 
or wanna be punk-rock 
or glam pop 
or glam rap. 

I like house 
I like trance 
I like dub 
I like ambient
I like electro
I like breaks 
I like Indian trip hop 
I like happy hardcore 
and I fucking love 
drum and bass music. 
which as we know, 
all sounds the same 
and is made by machines 
not musicians 
just kids sitting in their rooms 
late at night 
plugging away at sequencers
samplers and fx pads 
all trying to be 
the next Josh Wink 
and dreaming of discos and dancefloors 

so I guess I'd have to admit 
I have bad taste in music.