Furthermore, Ubuntu has (since 2004) released several editions of their software. The most recent addition to the Ubuntu line is Ubuntu Studio -- where one can utilize open source software for all their audio and video editing needs. Well, almost all -- I don't believe that Ubuntu Studio works as well as Ableton Live for looping live tracks on stage, unfortunately. Will be working on that in the future.

In fact, Ubuntu has become SO user-friendly that Dell is even offering it as an alternative to Windows Vista! At least, when you buy a computer from Dell, that is.

The things that Ubuntu does well that other Linux distributions don't are as follows:

Great graphical user interface.
Decent user support.
Audio/Video editing (in Studio edition).
Version for kids.
Version for educational purposes.
Amazing hardware detection.
Easy installation.
Decent networking capabilities.

Of course, it's Linux/GNU. It's not perfect. Problems I've had with it (and several other friends of mine) are minimal, but can get tedious.. for instance, external (plug-in) wireless cards are a little tricky to get configured. Also, when mounting an NTFS hard drive, it doesn't want to stick, so you have to mount it every single time you boot up. ALSO: No root account. Strange, neh? Have to sudo su through everything.

Though, all in all, it's my favorite Linux distro. Easiest to work with, easiest to install, easiest to get others introduced to the open source world.