You Can't Go There Anymore was deleted because "The fact that the name of something that never existed became a pet phrase of yours is not noding material nor does anyone care."

I'm curious about this, because it didn't exactly strike me as one of my worse nodes (and believe me, I've got 'em). It was based on one of my favorite topics, urban exploration. It had a reputation of 7 (with no negative votes), and was well-integrated before it was deleted. Obviously other folks thought it was noding material, because they cared enough to upvote it.

And as far as noding things that don't exist goes, unicorns, splotchypines and pants filled with elves never existed, either.

As Debbie said: "Everything is supposed to be a database of knowledge and what good is trying to node everything if you are purposely going to leave something out?"

Indeed, what's the point of calling it Everything if it isn't about everything?


XP Isn't Everything.