I got up at 6:30AM this morning, in a vain attempt to leave the house by 7:30AM and get to Windows 2000 training class by 8:30AM. Alas, it was not to be. My commute to work was interrupted by a big accident on Route 15 just north of Leesburg, with traffic blocked both ways. After being at a standstill for ten minutes and nothing really going anywhere, I turned around and tried to find an alternate route. I eventually ended up going via Clark's Gap to Waterford to Stumptown to Lucketts.

Things seemed okay until after Point of Rocks, when I got stuck behind some slow-moving tractor doing 30 and no way to pass it. Bleah. I got to work 15 minutes late, but there were only two other people in the class with me, and our training on Microsoft Virus Installation Wizard seemed pretty self-explanatory.

After class, I had lunch with Maggie and Lorri at a Thai place in Rockville, and then headed down to Bethesda to talk about my future at Hauptratte-Sperren. (Our story so far: Layoffs were yesterday; my department was eliminated; they got rid of everyone in my department except me, so I spent most of yesterday hiding in my cubicle feeling guilty.) As expected, I'll be updating the internet and intranet sites, and yes, they're going to move me to Bethesda in the next week or so. I had thought it would be a shorter trip, but it's actually going to add an extra two miles to my commute, plus I'll once again have to deal with the Beltway instead of taking winding two-lane country roads to work.