I had a strange dream about John Cleese last night, it was like watching a Monty Python episode.

John Cleese was a banker sitting in a little office and these two old ladies were asking him questions about their bank account. Every time they asked him a question, he'd step out and ask someone. So eventually the old ladies started to ask him all kinds of nonsense questions, and Cleese kept trying to be helpful and answer them anyway.

OLD LADY #1: If you were going to put something together what would you use, a horse or Vancouver?

CLEESE: Vancouver would probably be the most efficient because lots of people live there.

OLD LADY #1: Six!

OLD LADY #2: Five!

OLD LADY #1: Four!

OLD LADY #2: Nine!

OLD LADY #1: Two!

OLD LADY #2: One?

CLEESE: I'm not sure about that, let me check.

(CLEESE leaves, comes back a moment later.)

CLEESE: Terribly sorry, they say I'm only authorized to work on bank accounts. Is there something else I can help you with?

OLD LADY #1: If a man smashes apart a computer and wallpapers an airport with it?

CLEESE: Hold on, I'll see.

(CLEESE exits again. He returns a few moments later carrying a smashed computer.)

CLEESE: Sorry about all the noise.