Once, I was actually grateful that someone chose to speak in the restroom.

One day at work, I was busy attending to a #2, when it became apparent that someone else had occupied the stall next to my own. He had the same mission as I, and as the cruel forces of circumstance would have it, we both had a particularly loud experience.

Clearly, this is an inherently awkward situation. After a little while of this, we both finished up, and again coincidentally, exited our stalls at the exact same time. Eye contact was unavoidable, and I saw that it was a young German guy from another area of my office building. I mentally prepared for the inevitable palpable unease to sink in.

Instead of quickly diverting his eyes, as I had expected, he decided to take a whole different route. He fixed me with a huge grin, and said in his thick accent, "Isn't it funny... we all shit in the same boat!" and proceeded to laugh good-naturedly. For a second I was utterly confused, but then I joined in the laughter, thankful that once again, I had been reminded not to take life too seriously.