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mission drive within everything
laying-back; watching dracula movies;
I have no school - don't need it this shit
People should not be afraid of their governments... Governments should be afraid of their people...
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Never-bored-of-looking-for-luck Xezzy was born in south Ohio at sunday.
He have a sunday since that day. Non-stop and all the time (enjoy it!). There is two types of man: never-working man, and always-laying-back man. Im definitively that second type and im proud of it like hell.
Short Bi0:
1.Born in 1955
3.DeAtH - 20xx (most likely something around 2048 year)
I love: my country, my girlfriends, girflends of others, english language, and i love typing writing and singing and i love basketball too and computer games (enemy terriory), and word "and" and... you.
I hate: bad food, bad things like boyfriends of not-my-girlfriends. So if u have a girlfriend and you are (yes, now i know "you, not >" rule) not lesbian - i hate u.
ba ba ba ba ba ba
Dont blame me for my english, I love to make this language easier. It isnt easy enough.
I cant paint, I cant sing, so I type.
x 3 Z Z y G rEE ZX znaaS HEyAh baNaNa I love NuisAnce ! Viva la france !