A movie made in 1999. Directed by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez. They also wrote what little was written for the movie. The movie takes place in October of 1994 in Burkittesville, Maryland. Three film students dissappear while making a documentary about The Blair Witch. The premise for the film is that the movie is supposedly made from the footage they shot after somebody found it a year later.

I like the movie. I saw it early enough into the hype I wasn't tainted by it yet. I thought it was an original and cool idea. You don't see many movies made like this. I also went and saw it by myself in a nearly empty theater which helped make it scarier. I didn't think it was quite as suspenseful as I heard it would be, but it was good none the less.

StrawberryFrog: You totally missed the point. If you had a regular handheld video camera and you are running through some woods away from some unknown thing would you be worried about keeping your camera from shaking? The film was supposed to be shakey to make it seem real. They kept it steady when they were filming the parts of the "documentary", so it wasn't like the shaking was an accident. In the scheme of the film (that being that it was supposed to be made of a half made documentary and some behind the scenes type footage), it had to be shakey to be real. Of course it would have helped if when you saw it you didn't know if the film was fake or not yet. I believe that was the intended audience, people that didn't know that this was real or not.