A really great guy movie made in 1996. Directed by Doug Liman. Written by Jon Favreau. Players: Jon Favreau, Vince Vaughn, Ron Livingston, Patrick Van Horn, Alex Désert, Heather Graham and others.

Cocktails first. Questions later.

The story of a struggling comedian/actor Mike (Jon Faverau) who is having difficulties getting over a girl he left back in New York and how he finally moves on with his life. His friends try to help him forget, taking him out and encouraging him to meet girls.

Damn, I love this movie. I've seen it more times than I can remember. One of the greatest guy movies I've ever seen. Yet strangely enough I only know one or two girls that like this movie. Trent (Vince Vaughn) may be a player, but he is also a great friend to Mike. Mike shows that guys have problems getting over girls and have emotions too. It is well directed and well written, poking fun at movies and itself both with words and visuals. The soundtrack is also really good. It gets 4.0/4.0 in my book.

The band in the Brown Derby near the end of the movie is Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

Charles is played by Alex Désert who is also the singer/songwriter of the ska band Hepcat.

The colors of the characters cars after the poker game are the same colors as the code names in Reservoir Dogs.

Trent's license plate is "THX1138".

My favorite line of the movie:
Mike: Look, we're gonna spend half the night driving around the Hills looking for this one party and you're going to say it sucks and we're all gonna leave and then we're gonna go look for this other party. But all the parties and all the bars, they all suck. I spend half the night talking to some girl who's looking around the room to see if there's somebody else who's more important she should be talking to. And it's like I'm supposed to be all happy 'cause she's wearing a backpack, you know? And half of them are just nasty skanks who wouldn't be nothing except they're surrounded by a bunch of drunken horny assholes. And I'm gonna tell you something T. Are you listening?
Trent: Yeah, I'm listening.
Mike: I'm not gonna be one of those assholes. Alright? It just makes me sick. It's like, some nasty skank who isn't half the woman my girlfriend is, is gonna front me? It makes me want to fuckin' puke!