Released in 1993 this action movie was directed by Stephen Hopkins and written by Lewis Colick and Jere Cunningham. The cast included Emilio Estevez, Cuba Gooding Jr., Denis Leary, Stephen Dorff, Jeremy Piven and others.

Don't move, Don't whisper, Don't even breathe

Four friends are headed into "The City" to see a boxing match. Frank Wyatt (Emilio Estevez), Mike Peterson (Cuba Gooding Jr.), John Wyatt (Stephen Dorff), and Ray Cochran (Jeremy Piven) rent (or borrow, I don't remember which) an RV for their excursion. While on the way they get stuck in a traffic jam and will be late for the match if they don't find another way to get there. They take the first exit they see and end up in a seedy part of "The City." They witness a murder and the murderer (Denis Leary) doesn't want any witnesses so he comes after them.

The soundtrack is better than the movie. The movie is a typical action flick. Nothing to get too excited about.