I used to watch this show occasionally, mostly during the middle years. I didn't really watch the first season or two, and stopped watching around the time Chrissy was born. It was a typical 80s sitcom and fit right in with Family Ties, Who's The Boss, etc. I probably started watching this show more as Family Ties lost some of it's appeal. The show was aired from 1985 to 1992. And could be found in syndicate for quite some time after that.

I always thought Tracey Gold (Carol) was cute till she went scary thin and was part of the reason I started watching the show. Kirk Cameron's character, Mike, was probably best during his high school years and wasn't bad when he was still living above the garage. I think I related to Jeremy Miller's character, Ben, the most, it's too bad he always seemed to get the shaft in the show. Alan Thicke as Jason was a competent father though he wasn't without his flaws. Joanna Kerns, Maggie, was the struggling working mother, trying to fit work and family all in.

But one of my favorite things from this show was the spin-off Just the Ten of Us. Coach Lubbock sure had some cute daughters.