It is a chance to act completely goofy and stupid for a little bit. It is a chance to act like a kid again. And you get to do this with out fear of being laughed at for doing it because there is a large group dancing with you. Lighten up. Take a deep breath and relax. Stop worrying about how bad the song sucks or if the bridesmaid that's been looking at you all night thinks your weird because you did the chicken dance. Laugh at your friends while all of you dance like dorks for a bit. Maybe that girl will be impressed with your self-confidence.

Of course what do I know I have friends that look forward to the chicken dance. And I like to act like a goofball.

Sometimes this is also called the duck dance, but maybe that is just my friends.

Linca tells me, "it might have to do with the fact that the French equivalent is called la danse des canards, whih translates to 'duck dance'"