The band Belly was formed in 1991 or 1992. Tanya Donelly formed the band when she left The Breeders. The band was originally comprised of Tanya Donelly (vocals and guitar), Chris Gorman (drums), Thomas Gorman (keyboard and guitar), and Fred Abong (bass). With this line up they recorded the band's debut album Star. Fred Abong left the group around the time Star was released in 1993. For a short time Leslie Langston filled in, but Gail Greenwood would be the permenant replacement. And in 1995 the band released King. The band was disbanded 1996.

Star was fairly successful. The singles "Feed the Tree", "Gepetto", and "Slow Dog" did fairly well. "Feed the Tree" probably the biggest hit. Personally I thought the whole album was great, my favorite tracks are Slow Dog, Untogether, and Someone To Die For.

King was largely a disappointment. The big single off this album was "Super-Connected". I never got this album, but I thought "Super-Connected" was a great song. Oh well, the lack of success is probably what led to the band being disbanded.

Tanya Donelly went on to release a solo album. Gail Greenwood joined L7 for a several years and later left to form a new band called Benny Sizzler. For a while Chris Gorman played with a band called Lost Rockets, but this was basically a side-project for everyone involved. Mostly Chris has pursued a career in photography. Thomas Gorman joined Buffalo Tom for a time, later played with Kristin Hersh, and around 1999 started his own band Honeychrome which seems to have also fallen off.

King -- Sire Records/Reprise Records (1995)
Star -- Sire Records/Reprise Records (1993)