Lemur Voice is a progressive metal band.

From www.lemurvoice.com:
"The members of Lemur Voice started off as Aura back in 1993. Shortly thereafter, the band changed their name to Lemur Voice. Lemur Voice are five people who, together, create a musical landscape much greater than the sum of their parts."

Their first album, Insights, was released September 10, 1996 by the label Magna Carta. The band's unique sound combined elements of dark, extreme metal with compositions that compare to the likes of Dream Theater in complexity.

Their followup album, Divided, was releasd in 1999 by the label Telstar. It is very difficult to aquire this album in its original packaging, but most of the album is downloadable from http://www.mp3.com/lemurvoice. Musically, the album continues where Insights left off, once again serving up heavy and complex progressive metal.

Unfortunately, the band broke up during the creation of their third album do to musical differences.