Today was a very bad day.

Woke up feeling like shit. Sprained my ankle a couple of days ago and just moped around my house yesterday as it is too long a walk to the station to be bothered with with my ankle in that state. So missed a couple of lectures.

Ankle slightly better today, but still feel bad. Have a cold, and a backache that I have had for a year now. I really think I should see someone about it. It's just started moving down into one of my legs which means some sort of trapped nerve scenario or something I think. I certainly hope it's nothing more serious. I'm only fucking 21. Will try and see Doc. soonish. Don't know if stress is exacerbating everything.

Also have insane amounts of Uni work. An individual and group project on the go and two pieces of coursework due tomorrow. When I feel so crap about my health this makes motivation for anything else so so so much harder. Will probably just get it in on time - as always.

Hopefully I will feel ok, and my ankle will have recovered enough to go out tomorrow night - to my normal goth club haunt in London on Friday Nights. (Nb. am not a goth).

Why can't I just be happy?