Clocks went forward last night. This is always where I feel that summer has started. The Boat Race was today too.

And we all sit round here in our home town
Listen to the waves as they all crash down
And watch the fire as it slowly burns away
Glowing embers fly across the sky

Here by my side, in my summer, our last summer
The world passes by, in my summer, our last summer
The light makes shadows fall, surrounded by each other
Alive to watch it all, the view from our last summer
The view from our last summer...

I've spent the day inside playing videogames, but I'm glad I did. I'd stopped playing properly for quite a while, to the point where I felt like I should play more to keep up to date with my hobby and the only industry I have really specialist knowledge in.

This has already helped me at work, since no one else knows much about them in my company and I've been recruited by a Senior Manager to help fill in his knowledge to create some business in that area. I hope some actual work for me comes out of it too though.

In other news, saw Station Agent on Friday, a film about a dwarf train spotter, an over enthusiastic cuban hot-dog seller and a middle aged artist whose son and marriage have both died. It's an american indie film and it's probably quite hard to find a cinema showing it, but I can't recommend it enough. It's touching, has some genuinely perfect comedy moments and is perfectly and convincingly acted. Go See.