What a fscking week.

The fact it was my birthday on the 12th should have made things better, but since I haven't been home yet I have only received a small smattering of cards and a quick call from my parents.

Also have an insane amount of Computer Science work. As fondue mentions in yesterday's daylog we have some Concurrency coursework due in first day back after Christmas, and since the course is badly taught by a droning German Professor, and the notes are even worse, I'm not quite sure what to do. We also have some AI work to do...

On top of all this we have a massively important Individual Project.

fondue and I are working on different bits of it with a phD student who had a long rant at me yesterday for not pulling my weight. I am supposed to have a UML level design done by tomorrowish and am meeting him on Monday - Why oh why do I have to meet him after the end of term? Aaarrrggghhhhh!!.

Then there's the fact I am moving home tomorrow from the house I am in at University now. I am looking forward to going home, but not to the actual act of moving all of my rather inordinate amount of stuff, which has to be done tomorrow. So there's that stress too. Oh yeah, and I'm quite badly broke. Yeah I'm a student but still - most annoying, especially at Christmas.

Then there's my personal life.

Not good - of course - but getting weirder. Usually I am quite happy in my singledom. Ok, not really, but I have come to accept it, and get on with my life and not worry. as much. So it of course annoys me when I meet girls I like and don't know what to do, and have to just try and get them out of my head.stop the voices. Then I puzzle about this, and this is worrying about girls and that is something I though I was past.

See it all goes back to: any sufficiently nice person is indistinguishable from someone who likes you. The first girl of the week is the flatmate of a friend of mine. I was pretty sure she had a boyfriend when I first met her, but that isn't important, since I'd still like to puzzle out her flirting (or not). I met her and her friend on the way home one day and she asked where I was going. When I said home, she said she'd go home too (her living near me) and split from her friend to accompany me on the train. She also invited me out with her household and friends to a club the day after. I went with my housemate, and she seemed pleased that I'd shown up. Unfortunately I won't see her for a while now so I'm trying to forget all that. I left the club we were at early to go somewhere else and then something even better/worse happened.

At the second club I went to was a girl I hadn't seen since before the start of term. And I really really like her. Fortunately, by now, I had forgotten about her and but then she goes and shows up at a club I frequent. The cheek of it all. She did, however, remember my name, which was good, and I of course knew hers. Even though I usually dance for 70% of the time at a club - especially when they play some good metal or hip-hop, I just talked to her from when I arrived until the end - 2 hours. Being the gimp that I am I didn't ask for her number or anything and have already convinced myself, probably quite correctly, that she was humouring me. She wasn't that warm towards me when we were all going off home though I'm not sure if this is because she doesn't like me (in that way) or the opposite - because after all that I didn't do anything.

I asked if she was coming the following week and she said the person she goes clubbing with wasn't going out then, so she couldn't. I said I was going and she said she might come as long as there'd be someone she knows there. Of course, I could have got her number to arrange things. But that would have been far far far too easy.

So that's another person I have to try and forget.