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Enlightenment, easing others' pain (not necessarily in that order)
Texas A&M University
'God is love and we have nothing to fear.' -Bill Hicks
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I'm Travis, 19 years old and unconventionally idealistic and romantic... I guess 'hippie' would be a vernacular term. I want everybody to love each other, accept each others' differences, respect the environment, and resist the urge to take advantage of your fellow human being... despite the fact that I struggle with my own ideals on a regular basis. I have come to find that assumption can be a very damaging approach to life, that compassion should be the basis of any form of spirituality, and that death is something that should be welcomed, celebrated and appreciated... not feared.

I believe to achieve your full potential you cannot repress emotions, you must reach into the shadow of your being and accept your own jealousy, fear, and egotism... only then can you choose whether or not to integrate them into your personality. Music is one of my greatest interests, as I find it has a great capacity to change my perspective and is one of the things i find I can best appreciate.

That scratches the surface. May this information be useful to you in some way.