i was bored.

so i made roses out of silly-putty

it was an accident.

i'd skished it out flat
on my desk. and then
i rolled it up into
a tube and noted it looked
a bit like two rosebuds connected
by a band.

so i pinched together
the middle of the roll and
twisted it up into stems. and there
they were, two charming buds perfect
for a buttonhole. except for the fact
that they were blue. and sticky.

and i went to eat. i needed
food, and the hall was near closing. so i
ate, that terribly unsatisfying sort of
food so typical of colleges, offices, and
cheap cafeterias.

and when i came back they
had melted. and flattened and puddled
slightly in that way only silly-putty
can do.

i wondered if there was a moral
or reason or anything deep i
should notice or learn from
this, like the fragility and fleetingness of
life, or beauty or something. but then i decided no

it was only silly-putty and nothing deep
at all. and it was
fun, and light. so i made roses out of blue
again, and this time i
sat and watched them