There are four rings i wear constantly and never change out. each of which have deep personal symbolic meaning to me.

ring finger right hand: a sterling silver ring with a moonstone set. The moon is my birthname--diana, aretmis, huntress, moon. Moon runs deep in my nature.

first finger right hand: braided copper band, unset. The material means not as much as the place, for this ring. i bought it at the Alamo, a place that holds much personal signifigance for me. Everything it stands for, the noble sacrifice, the undying devotion to a cause believed in above all else.

first finger left hand: sterling band set with sunstone. i am leo sunsign, i am lioness, sun and fire rule my nature.

ring finger left hand: hematite band, given me by mcc. Hematite is perfect, it is him, it is us. He is my healing, my strength, my peace, as is that stone to me. I wear it as i would a wedding band--not an engagement ring but a wedding band, for although we lack the paper, we are married as much as anyone. Our other physical token that we exchanged during our handfasting is a set of leaf-flame pendants that we both wear.

Strangely enough, i practice energy work and "magick" wearing these four rings. Many practitioners remove all jewelry, but these four balance perfectly that i cannot work without them. But as sun and moon, right and left, fire water, band and stone they are perfectly the duality that i am.