It's interesting as to how the bottles of shampoo and whatever else in people's showers *deeply* reflect on their personalities. Every item in there seems to say something about its owner. Here's what my shower-things say about me:

Old things still sitting there:

half used bottle of "magical mane" conditioner : From the time i was completely obsessed with horses (age six thru like 15). I never had barbies growing up, i had My Little Pony figures. During this time, i convinced myself that the only conditioner i could use was this. If it was good enough for my beloved steeds it was what *i* needed (it is formulated for animal and human use, and marketed to the horse-fiends.)

mostly-used bottle of madder root extract shampoo: This is meant to bring out the natural red in people's hair. This was from the time in my life when i strongly disliked the person i was, who i was and what i'd done. My "ideal", the person who i wanted to be, who was perfect to me came to life in my writings as a woman named Jenn Thulis. She was mostly my own invention, albeit influenced by Mara Jade from Star Wars. Jenn, the woman i wanted to be... had red hair. I have brown hair with red undertones, but did i ever want it redder--it brought me closer to Jenn. Now i'm (more or less) happy with myself, very content to be a brunette, and don't use the stuff anymore.

partly used bottle of Herbal essences: perfectly good stuff--stuff, however, my mother bought generically. When i decided i was tired of just going along with whatever "mommy-dearest" said, i stopped using this. will still use it if in a hurry and our of my shampoo.

Things i actually use:
Plumeria shampoo from Bath and Body Works: Plumeria is "my" scent and has been for some time. The way i smell is one of the only "physical" things that matters to me. I'm one of those "lipstick-under-gunpoint" women. But my scent reflects my essence, or so i think. I "adopted" Plumeria as mine (before i used the shampoo) and now that i've stopped doing strange things to my hair i just use that simple thing.

Plumeria shave jel and razor (not plumeria):One of my few 'conformist' things society asks that i don't try to destroy somehow; yes i'm female therefore i shave my legs (besides it just *feels nasty* otherwise, to me)

several happy-smelling body-washes and the obglitory loofah for them:I like to pamper my skin. When it feels good and clean and pure and refreshed and smooth, i feel better, the world is suddenly a slightly less scary place. I'm allowed a *few* female indulgences... The shower is one of the few places i get time on *my* terms; time to think, to relax, to wind down. This is how i do it. There is no bath cloth; only a loofah does bodywash justice.

several bottles of aromatherapy-type bubble bath. The bath is the best place for me to spellcast, it is easy to combine the elements: water is obvious; bath salts (with *real* salt), salt stands for earth; candle for fire and incense for air. the tub is also the only place i have enough time to myself *to* cast. These things in the tub are there for my spiritual side....