ring around the rosie
take a turn at the wheel of fate. step right up and spin it. where will you end up this time? or the next? or the one after that?

pocket full of posey
i try my charms and magicks. and sometimes i meet you sometimes, but only meet. we don't always find. sometimes we both are there, but miss each other's souls anyways.

ashes, ashes,
lives and hopes burnt to dust. the few times we have met and known and loved as we should. each time cut short and torn from us.

we all fall down.
and i fall in ashes, fall in the flames. and slowly, in new flesh, rise again. and start all over.

do you know why i circle and spin and play each time game over flashes across my mind?
because of you.
because i will keep spinning until we end up, not only on the same square, but the same gameboard.

but i can stop spinning now.
for good.

from now on
we spin together.

and play the game
as the one
we truly are.

my own personal time capsule of lives