Once the counter rolls over and is October 6 "real" time instead of "server" time, it will be one year since Sam-the-kitty came to live with me. Happy anniversary, or something of the sort, fuzzball. I love you, sweet boy.

I mentioned a while back that I'd bought a woodburner and started playing around with it. I sold a few things at the local Pagan Pride and finally got around, with my brand! new! digital! CAMERA! to putting some stuff up. Check it out if you're in the market for pagany articles. Actually, follow the link anyways because I've got a gag gift of my own creation up there that I at least consider brilliant. There's also more mundane "stuff" listen, clothes that no longer fit or I no longer wear. Yes, this is shameless self promotion. I figure it's as good a use for a daylog as any.


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I *finally* got a replacement for the oh-so-unusable dresser my landlord gave me when I moved in. It was a nice piece, heavy wood, but it was that sort of construction where the drawers are really only 1/2 the heigh of the fake drawer-front. They were so short I could not easily store two pairs of sweatpants or two pairs of jeans atop one another, but instead had to roll pants up and squish them in.

One walmart run and 50 bucks later, I have a large particleboard wardrobe. Yes, it's a crappy piece of furniture, but ALL of the space but six inches is usable, not HALF the entire height. I have so far filled it with ALL the clothes from my other dresser, two HUGE loads of laundry that before perpetually lived in the dryer or the hamper, AND two large tupperwear storage bins I had under my bed worth of stuff and there's STILL ROOM. I haven't had this much space since I moved in. WOOHOO. Now maybe I can get my blasted place CLEAN for once.