i overheard a conversation yesterday while shopping. (yes, i admit it, even i shop sometimes. *hides in shame). i was in the ladies' room at the mall, in a stall, and overheard the following from women outside in line. it was a teenaged girl, either talking to her mother or a friend--i couldn't quite tell.

"Isn't this just the coolest present i got for X?"
"Well, yeah..."
"But it's not a christmas present. She doesn't celebrate Christmas."
"She doesn't? What does she celebrate?"
"Yule, or something. She's not christian. She's like... i forget. like 'pagans' or something. i dunno, its all weird."
"Pagan, you mean?"
"Yeah, that's it. But it's just weird. What's the matter with her? Isn't Christmas good enough for her? It's good enough for the rest of us, what's her problem anyways?"

It was hard to keep my tongue. *sigh*.