I am leaving for Spring Break early Saturday morning. I will be around e2 almost NONE until the following Saturday night (mar 22). If you really need me for anything at all, contact me at AIM-wuukiee81 or

Wish me luck with not being found out, disowned, or other parental unpleasentries. I've been under a LOT of stress lately for personal reasons (mostly relating to being more or less abandoned by certain friends) and am not doing well.

Being with my folks always stresses me out. It's not like I hate them, we just agree on nothing. Ever. I don't think mom's ever forgiven me for not being the kind of girl she could put in pink frilly dresses and little bows in my pigtails. As is evident by my presence on e2, I'm not that kind of girl. It's just been downhill from there.

At the best of times we fuss and sometimes yell. At the worst of times, it's nearly more than I can stand. Any time they percieve me as "broken" either due to actions they disagree with, me asserting some form of independance, or me showing outward signs of depression, they try to "fix" me. Without fail, this does more harm than good. Packing me off to shrinks they choose. Punishing me for what they percieve to be "infractions". Whatever they can really think of. This isn't all the time, of course, just when they're displeased.

I chose to go home for break because I was too stressed about aforementioned alluded-to friend problems to stay here and mope for a week. I had no money to go elsewhere (L.A. with mcc's aunt and uncle was my first choice, or Boston to be with highschool friends.) I've no idea if going home was a good choice or not. It doesn't much feel like home before. I've flown the coop in the most major way, and going back I get poked by sticks and twigs in a nest too small to stretch my wings. (Wow. I am sure I will somehow pay for that mixed metaphore.)

If you've got a moment, keep me in your thoughts, I'll need all the strength and sanity I can get. Thanks.

Notes To Self:

Wow. I wrought a mixed drink out of my own very random cabinet that didn't suck and barely tastes of alcohol at all. This is somewhat of an accomplishment. Many of my drinks are strong, but not fabulously tasty. Here's for future reference for myself. I have to node my recipes on e2 or I forget them ^_^ It's got a fairly fruity, punchlike taste with a tart aftertaste. (Because I used too much lime juice.)

1/2 oz Rose Lime Juice
1/2 oz Rose Grenadine
1 oz Peachtree Schnapps
1 oz Midori Melon
2 oz Malibu coconut rum (3 for a stronger drink)
top off with pineapple juice to taste. (about 4-6 oz is good)

I'm going to go have several more of these now and ignore the impending weekend for a few hours.

Additional, Later Notes:

I now fear for the world. It may be that Sam-the-Kitty is smart enough to take it over, even sans opposable thumbs. If he ever figures out how to open the front door, chaos will ensue.

Apparently his litterbox wasn't as clean as he'd have liked because I've been a dysfunctional slacker lately, and he's amazingly patient with me about things like that.

Anyways, it was not to his liking, so while I was in the bathroom earlier, he sauntered in, gave me this LOOK, hopped straight into the bathtub and urinated straight down the drain. Didn't even try to bury his waste, as he seeme to realize it was gone. Just sniffed to make sure the smell dispersed, gave me another look, hopped out, and sauntered away.

I knew he was a clever kitty--he knows I control the "Mystic red dot" of the laser pointer (he'll grab the pointer and bring it to me, then spring to the middle of the floor with a "play!" pose--but I think this is the smartest thing I've ever seen a cat do in my life.