Things change. Things stay the same.

Life's been.... life.

1) I've now passed the 2-month point without a job. The economy here is so bad there's genuine competition for fast food and walmart-style retail. I really, really hate this town. I can't wait to be gone.

2) mcc and I launched a website. is ours and it's got a collection of all the shirts/stickers we've always said "I really wish someone would make that into a shirt". It's as much a personal soapbox as anything, but hey if we make some money off it too, all the better.

3) Java's blown his coat again and just keeps getting fluffier and more handsome each time.

4) We have a third cat. She was a foster that moved in and just never moved out.

5) My window AC unit broke yesterday--belongs to me, not my complex. I can't get it fixed until mcc gets a paycheck. Yesterday was the start of an extremely warm streak, hottest weather of the year.

6) I didn't realize how much I missed being around noders.

7) It scares me to live in a time where it was nessecary to spend 45 minutes explaining WHY an "article" about a supposed transsexual dog was totally medically invalid in every way, and almost 100% guaranteed to be a hoax.