i've actually decided to give a shit about my schoolwork again. i don't know why--all of a sudden my psych study skills class, of all things, made me care. funny because i dont care about that class at all! there's no telling... i dunno. i just feel like i really need to study more... i need to officially change schools, becuase although i claim the liberal arts school as home i'm not "legal" there yet... and in other studies, someone slap me next time i go to barnes and noble. i keep spending money there, my pagan/wiccan library is expanding itself again--and would beyond the bounds of my budget, if i let it. eep. in that vein, this room REALLY needs cleaning, both mundanely and magically. and someone yell at me if i dont take defensive driving soon, i've put it off for five months already...

this must be "try to make wuukiee's head explode with weird movies" weekend. in 48 hours, i watched 12 monkies, fantasia 2000, the birdcage, and then fight club, all for the first time. they were all good--hell, the birdcage was just hysterical--but monkies, and more so fight club, were serious brainfucks. i still haven't processed those.

in other news, i'm silently throwing a bitchfit (privately, to myself) about the campus' lesbigay group. (who "invented" the word lesbigay anyways? it's a silly word. why do we feel the need to "invent" new words for everything?). they have posters around campus for the group's callout in a couple days. but the posters are what piss me off. they've got two blonde bimbo cheerleader-meets-britney spears clones, eating a single lollypop together. a LOLLYPOP. the photo looked more like something you would find in playboy than a SUPPORT GROUP. a support group for people who often run into society-acceptance issues, who need to meet others like them, who need support while their friends or family cope, or don't with the news. this group is an activist group, a support group, for a certain group of people who need emotional support, or just a place to feel safe and normal and accepted.

and they put fucking barbiedolls on the callout bill. what kind of message does THAT send? what bloody message?? being lesbian, or bisexual, doensn't all of a sudden make you beautiful and desireable and the pinnacle of femininity. nor will you see those girls if you were to go to the meeting. PEOPLE. normal people. not objects. not anything more or less than anyone else, the straight folks, transsexuals, those who claim neither gender. i just want to know what the hell the people who did this were thinking. these are supposed to be insiders, ones who understand the issues. and they put two "oh come fuck me now i'm sooooo sexy" bitches sucking on a lollypop.

i think i'm going to scream now.

only my wind-up sushi will save me. that makes everything OK. well not really. but if anything could, it would be the walking sushi i got in the mail today ^_^