i have a damaged bard's gene. i have the bardic need without the ability to carry it through. i NEED to sing and play and write and carry life and lore on for generations. i have the need to speak. but lack the words. i have the need to sing, but lack the voice. i have the need to create. i NEED to spin yarns, i need to recite old chants and new canticles over a fire. i need to share stories. i need to tell tales. the real tales and yarns and myths and legends of lore. and the stories of everyday people as well. i need to tell stories, not for any purpose of money or ambition but for the need to connect. tales are the universal language, the act of myth binds us together as human. i have this desire almost never found again in this society, that is too "old" and "grown" and "busy" for legend. i have this thing that society killed eons ago. something i maybe should not have. but do anyways. i have the need to TELL. i have a damaged bard's gene.