I’ve always had very good personal results this way:

again, the subject must *agree* to be hypnotized, and believe, if not that they *will* be hypnotized, but that the possibility exists. it's nearly impossible to hypnotize someone who's willing but CONVINCED it won't work.

find a focal object. it can be a pendulum, watch, necklace, whatever. I myself prefer not to use swingy things on a chain, that's harder to regulate and more stress on the arm. i almost always use a ring of mine, of late one set with a deep blue moonstone. i move it from its normal finger, clear all other rings form that hand, and set the ring *not* at the base, but on the middle joint of my "pointer" or first finger. make sure your object is something that is visually captivating.

your goal here is to either captivate, or shut down all the senses so the mind can wander freely. you want to focus all the attention into two senses: sight and hearing. by having the person sit still, you remove touch. there should be no taste or smell stimulation (unless you choose to burn incense. i never do.)

have the person focus their vision, not on, but almost beyond the target object. and have them pay attention to NO noise save your voice. this is the most important thing of all.

talk to them. it doesn't really matter what you say. talk in a soothing monotone, a 'it is safe, let go relax' voice. tell them to relax, over and over. tell them repeatedly to focus on nothing but the (i say from now on for simplicity) ring, and listen only to their voice. constantly remind them of these things. keep talking to them, soothingly. it's almost the same manner as one uses to coax a cat out from behind a couch or a stray dog from under the porch. never stop talking in a soothing manner, and remind them of their objectives.

slowly move your finger back and forth, (or swing the pendulum). do not move it much beyond the sides of their head. if you move it too far and it exits their field of vision they will turn their head to follow. you do not want this; you want *only* their eyes to move.

merely move your finger back and forth, and talk to them. gradually tell them their eyes are heavy and it's alright if they want to close them. that they can close their eyes, and you recommend they do. intersperse these reminders throughout your constant talking.

the process actually takes less time than it probably does to read this; about five minutes max is average, two or three is standard. the longest it's ever taken me is ten minutes, and i once had someone under in about 30 seconds. (an anomaly, and a repeat target.)

to make sure they are hypnotized fully, keep talking for ten, 15 seconds after the eyes fall shut. then ask them "can you open your eyes" and ask them do. if they can, keep talking and moving the finger. if not, they are fully in trace state.

what you do from here is entirely up to you. i would recommend of course applying basic moralities to this. it is very difficult to get someone to go against something they fundamentally believe in trance, but it is fairly easy for them to do something that will humiliate them later, whether it be reveal personal information or just act like a fool (as stage hypnotists so often have victims do.) i usually only use hypnosis for healing when the person is not otherwise receptive, although sometimes i have done it as merely an experimentation of the process too, or with *full* consent as amusement at small parties.

if you have a request of a person, and want them to (in GirlsDontLikeMe's words "get up and do funky shit" or something like that), or if you want to implant a subliminal suggestion that will remain upon awakening, you do this now. to request an action, simply tell them what to do.

they will get up, move around, eyes still closed. (yes, charlatans and stage performers make it look more melodramatic and "wake them up" and back to sleep and everything. this is a different technique that relies more on distraction than anything else). but a normal target will perform actions that can easily be done with eyes closed, although moving slowly as in a dream state is common.

i do not recommend implanted ideas be left, except if requested: such as help on quitting smoking or losing weight or the like. improperly left 'jokes' or whatever can be dangerous. but if you must leave a tracer, simply tell them , several times, in the same gentle monotone, that upon awakening they will react X way to Y situation. i.e. "when you have a craving to smoke, you will remember how bad it is for you. you will remember you want to quit. you will remember your lungs are at risk as your doctor told you. you will remember you do have willpower and can simply decide not to smoke". tell them these things. and tell them again they will *remember* these feelings upon awakening. (if a person is not told to remember, specifically, all memories of the trance state are erased upon awakening.)

to awaken the person, there are many ways. i, however, always tell them, at the beginning, that when i say a certain word (one i *know* i will not say normally), that they will slowly begin to leave the trance state and awaken, as slowly as they went in. a lot of people prefer the clap or snap, but this sudden noise often times startles people out of the trance faster than is healthy for their brains. a gradual easing out is much safer.

standard disclaimer: i am not responsible for what you do or not with this technique. i do not guarantee it will work, although i have taught it to many people effectively. but if you abuse this, or act unethically in terms of the recipient, i claim no responsibility. i leave this clearly up to you, but would *request* that you treat this ethically as i do.