i WAS about to have the first non foul valentines day ever. nothing had gone wrong. no prank valentines from 'friends' posing as 'suitors'. no nothing at alls, no being alone, no long distance relationship anymore. it was even good, as my love is starting to understand how to show sweet thoughtful gestures. i know he is this way, he always has been, but he's been very poor at showing it for years. but today was wonderful, he put thought and time into it. he took me out to a wonderful italian place for dinner, one nice enough to dress up for, which was a nice change. he gave me a beautiful statue of a black cat with metallic rainbow wings and red roses. it was wonderful and perfect and the best--hell, make that the only good--valentines day i've ever had. We got back from dinner and were hanging out in my room. And there's a pounding on the door.

It's the bomb squad. The entire buidling is being cleared. Someone called in a bomb threat to a fucking dorm. They herded everyone out very quickly, leaving most people with inadquate shoes or jackets for the cold. finally they sent us to another dorm to stay warm. and kept us there. and we waited. and waited. and waited. they at first had no idea how long. then 'an hour and a half' since they had to search all the rooms with bomb sniffing dogs. More waiting. Finally, they give the all clear, sooner than expected, and let us back in. Cranky, cold from walking back, and generally overall pissed, i finally got back here. A very bad ending to a very nice day. I just wish for ONCE i could have one valentines day where nothing at all went wrong.