Wow... too many new shiny buttons! It's amazing how many times in the past two days since I was given my new set of keys I've seen a node that last week I'd have gone "Wow, I wish I could nuke that!" and upon having the power to do so, can't decide if it's really that bad or not. Forgive my wanderings through the database as I figure out what does what, and what I shouldn't touch because it'll break something. I'll figure it out one of these days.

mercy-killed iMac Pentagram by Rev.Conor. It observed that if you connect five points, and surround them in a circle, you get a pentagram. What didn't matter was that the five points were specifically on an imac poster.
cleaned out (mercifully) cat, which had a handful of superceded writeups. C!'d (regular, not ed) one entry by TallRoo I'd appreciate someone else taking a look because I had no idea what entries involving the command "-cat" were or were not valid. I"m just versed in the feline bit.
filled several user-requested nukes, with mercy of course.
a handfull of other nodes which I lost a record of when my blasted laptop froze.
checking for testicular cancer (Uberfetus) (with mercy) This node was a "joke" about what to tell your mother when caught, erm, playing with oneself. When followed by such an in-depth factual on what's really a serious health issue, it no longer seems funny.


cat. It was getting long and tedious.

ED-COOLED: (I've had a list of "if I could ed-cool" nodes built up for a long time. I'll be doing it less frequently in the future than I am now.)
Letter To A Dead Dog
What is this beautiful, beautiful woman settling for?

several users, new and old, with advice I deemed helpful. Some of them even agreed.
sent a special thumbs up to new user pacio49 who's looking to be an excellent new user noding in one of my areas of expertise