There were some odd random bits in the beginning i've forgotten. Then it got weirder. The weirdest part was probably how realistic and mundane it was, except for a couple breif moments that made it sheerly odd.

I was riding down the road with CC, a good friend of mine. There were three other people with us, in the back seat. She was driving, i was in the passanger seat. I'm not sure i knew the other three "irl" or not. I know they were all young PAN members--our pagan group at school--but im not sure i've act ually met them yet. ^_^ We were driving back, we'd been out doing some form of spiritual/psychic research at some location nearby. Perhaps Prophet's Rock or Wolf Park. It was in a place that actually exists near here. We were in her car that she drives in life--exactly like her car, make, color, everything. Except that the car we were riding in was a convertable. This car isn't MADE as a convertable. But we were cruizing along, singing to the radio, talking, laughing, when we came to a bridge.

Except it was a weird bridge. Instead of being continuous over the large river, it was just the support collums and small platforms on top of those. And they were rubberized or springloaded, or something. Y'see, the town had decided to save money on highway construction by not building all the whole bridge but just these platforms. So we go to the edge and somehow launch the car to the next platform. And the next. We're all really nervous because this is a new system. The next one misfires and sends us many feet too short of the upcoming platform. We all sit there in midair for a moment, KNOWING we're about to start falling. And we do. And we splash. The backend of the car goes in first. CC and i squirm out over the windshield, i grab a floating log, and we reach for the others as the car starts to sink. We manage to get them all out as the car heads for the bottom. CC is distraught, wondering how the hell she's gonna explain this to her insurance company. I'm very distraught because i lost my birks in the process.

We float with the current of the river, though, until we find a shallow place we can easily get ashore. There we run into some people we [know, including mcc and other friends of mine from highschool. We walk back to the highway and find a [tow truck and a crane. They've gotten the car out of the water and are going after our stuff. It was the highway department. "Still haven't gotten that damn thing quite right. We get at least three of these a day."

I've finally gotten home now and it's my brother's birthday party. Mom's serving icecream to all his friends. Except it's not icecream, it's frozen yogurt. I take a bite of the prettty pink stuff and am suprised. It tastes exactly like TCBY's boysenberry, which they haven't had at our local store in years. But she says 'no, its a new brand from the grocery store. They sell softserve preformed in styrofoam cups in the freezer section. And the flavor's called ENJOY!!. Not boysenberry.' Oh whatever the hell, it was good. Then i woke up as i was panicking because i'd somehow lost one of my waterlogged birks on the way home, and i had to go back and reclaim it for the second time toay.