*blinks* ye gods today has been ODD (and its only six bloody thirty!)

midnight: wandered off to super walmart for fabric to make garb for christmas court.

1 am: arrive home with gorgeous grey cloth and bloodred/maroon cording for trim. have plans to meet annabella again at noon to make my anglewing tunic.

1:30 AM: turn off computer, go to sleep.

4:00 AM: wake up for no reason whatsoever. spend next hour tossing and turning, failing to get back to sleep, but stuck lying in bed for fear of waking roommate.

4:45 or so finally realize mutually that *both* of us are awake and have played the lie in bed and try to sleep game. talk for a moment. she wanders off to shower i paw thru drawer looking for my multivitamins and advil because i fear a cold coming on and try to stave it off. she returns and we're both *wide* awake and wired. there is no way either will sleep soon.

5:00 or shortly thereafter:realize we've both awakened because there's some massive power shift going on outside and we're both empathic. decide it is a large earth spirit on patrol for some unknown reason. sense said being walking about streets on parts of campus near us. talk about being, speculate as to mission.

5:15ish : be *noticed* by said earth spirit, who then stoops down to look in our window to see who noticed him. apparently very few people actually realize his presence when he does walk. spent next half hour + talking to this being. He's a pleasant jolly goodnatured fellow (earth spirits tend to be) and he loves to laugh. did not have as much of a 'conversation' as we said things to one another and got waves of emotion off of him as a response. We, and our unique and sometimes silly ways, amused him greatly--he spent the better part of time laughing. make a smartass crack about the sprites in our room, which truly amused him and had the sprites 'looking' at us and going 'what in the world is wrong with those humans!? such *weird* creatures'!

5:48 : presence suddenly vanishes abruptly and mood shifts to much more serious. there is *something* happening--or two somethings--and he left to attend to his original duty which was to guard and watch and protect.. some major occourance on an astral play, and something on the 'mundane' plane. neither would be large unto themselves, but they are increasing the potency of the other, respectively, many powers. plans to check with the grove keeper and a priestess friend are in order to attempt to find out what is happening.

6:42 : sit on computer typing and listening to "it can't rain all the time..." from the crow (that is another story all unto itself while waiting for dining hall to open so we can eat breakfast (for the first time in weeks we're awake early enough *to* get breakfast. fully intend now that pressure is gone, to fall back asleep after food. food is good.

7:12 : go eat. collapse in bed 20 minutes later, sleep two and a half more hours, wake up, and wash fabric. ^_^ updates will follow if they are nessecary or relavent.