An easy way to cook unhusked corn is in the microwave. it has the dual benefit of making the de-husking and de-silking easier, and tasting wonderful.

Remove the *thick* outer layers of the husk. As soon as you see the lighter green past the first layer or two, stop. You want plenty of husk here, because it's what keeps the heat and moisture inside and acts like a steamer.

For a fresh, average ear of corn, microwave it two to three minutes, turn over, and repeat. Exceptionally large ears, under-ripe ears, or ones not so fresh, may need a bit longer. Do not microwave past eight or nine minutes. if it takes this long, it's not going to be worth eating.

Let cool just enough to handle. The husk and almost *all* the silk will peel off beautifully. None of the trying to pick out stubborn strands of silk that happens with uncooked corn.

Add butter, salt, and enjoy.

If you find it undercooked, you can put it in the microwave, covered with a wet paper towel, and microwave up to a minute more on each side. If the towel is not wet enough, however, the corn will just dry out.