small, black beetle-creatures that confound cats to no end. it's always funny to see a cat go to sniff a click beetle who is on its back, to have the bug at that moment choose to pop to try to right itself--right into the cat's nose. this leads to a cat jumping in the air and back-pedalling.

click beetles also lead to this conversation quite often:
*pop* "do you hear a funny *pop* popping noise?" "ummm... yeah." *pop* "what is it? the fluorescent light?" "no idea at all" *pop* *pop* "what the hell is that noise" *pop* *rowr!* "oh... click beetle. right." these creatures usually right themselves in one pop or two, but it carried on this time, for you see, the cat, amused, continued to turn the helpless beetle back on its back until it finally popped too close for comfort.